Saturday, April 26, 2014

Risk and Faith

Risk is required in the exercise of faith. If all were known ahead of time, no faith would be required. Consider Abraham. He was told to leave Ur, the only home he'd every known, to travel to an unknown place by simply following God's daily lead. I doubt Abraham would have told us it was smooth sailing, nor do I think he would say things turned out the way he imagined them.

I am on a faith journey involving risk. My husband and I believe we have usefulness in what God is doing around us in Virginia, so are making needed lifestyle changes to prepare for a longer stay. We are selling our home, taking the risk there will be a home for us when it is sold. Since my home matters quite a bit to me, this feels risky. We're also risking that our jobs will continue in the coming few years. Nothing is certain as we risk except that God is good and that He is favorably inclined toward His children.

When have you risked in faith? What was the outcome?