Saturday, October 17, 2009

Am I desperate for God?

This question has been rattling around in my brain for a few weeks.  Am I truly desperate for God or am I letting the things I can see keep me from feeling that desperation? Life lived moment by moment in relationship with God is my goal. Do I? So often the stuff of life gets in the way.  I pursue food or quilting or shopping to escape feeling what is in my heart and soul. If I am truly desperate for God, I would readily surrender all other distracted pursuits to the one most satisfying-running hard after God.

Is that possible? Have you been desperate for Him?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Becoming a Warrior

At a recent retreat I heard Carolyn Custis James present the concept of women being warriors in the battle for God's kingdom on earth. Taken from Genesis 1 where Eve is created as an "ezer" (Hebrew word translated as "suitable helper") to partner with Adam in ruling and subduing the earth, the original intent of God toward women was that we would be strong, capable, co-warriors with men. When Eve was created there was no laundry to do or house to clean, no child to care for and no meal to prepare. All of that was to come after sin entered the world.  I so appreciated her focus on what God originally intended women to be.  (To read Carolyn's books check out Lost Women of the Bible, When Life and Beliefs Collide, The Gospel of Ruth).

Through the centuries, women have often been considered weak, second-class citizens by many, both male and female.   The feminist agenda of the 70's, perhaps a reaction to this, didn't capture the "ezer" concept since its heart was to elevate women over men.  It led to bashing men and minimizing them.  A friend of mine said a person doesn't get ahead by standing on the shoulders of another. 

I've decided to sweep out the crumbs of feminism that have fallen in my heart and bring in a platter of partnership and respect for my brothers and fathers in order to become a warrior worthy of God's intent for me.  God didn't make women as a second thought.  According to Genesis 1, God intended from the start to make both men and women to fully represent his image on earth.  BOTH are required for a complete image.

When I courageously offer all of my gifts and talents to meet a challenge, God's kingdom purposes and the men in my circle of influence benefit.  When I withhold those, I contribute to our mutual defeat.  Together we are much stronger and better than we are apart.  (Eccl. 4:9-12)

Rise up, ezers!  Be strong and courageous partners!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Thoughts

Thanks to my daughter, I'm blogging! Welcome to the journey!

I am a ponderer. Sometimes I ponder Bible verses, sometimes what nature reveals about God's character, sometimes dreams and wakeful thoughts. Most of my ponderings center on faith in God and what difference faith makes in daily life. Thanks for joining me on this fascinating excursion of life.