Saturday, October 17, 2009

Am I desperate for God?

This question has been rattling around in my brain for a few weeks.  Am I truly desperate for God or am I letting the things I can see keep me from feeling that desperation? Life lived moment by moment in relationship with God is my goal. Do I? So often the stuff of life gets in the way.  I pursue food or quilting or shopping to escape feeling what is in my heart and soul. If I am truly desperate for God, I would readily surrender all other distracted pursuits to the one most satisfying-running hard after God.

Is that possible? Have you been desperate for Him?


  1. is through your activities that I believe you encounter God and come along side others who need guidance in their faith walk or coming to know His salvation. I believe that is the purpose of living out our that we can touch those whose lives are intersecting with our own. And He has a plan...and you are right where you need to be to make a difference...just watch for those opportunities as you are shopping or quilting (which I know you do!) to make a difference in someone's life for eternity. Being his heart, hands and voice!

    For me, for the past couple of years, I felt some desperation to truly know what His plan was for my life...and guess what? After I had been in the desert for so long...I finally recognized that leading my life from right where I stand was where He wanted me to be. It wasn't Him that was getting in the was me and my own thinking. I just started praising Him for all that I have and where I am...and it seems like I am in a closer relationship with Him again. I don't think He intends for His love for us to be complicated or totally focused on Him…otherwise why would he give us such a precious life to live out? He loves us just for who we are and where he has put us to do His work.

    From Carolyn - Connections Leadership

  2. I have been desperate for Him – very desperate - for my first 6 years at FCC, but then His abundant blessings began to flow in (much like the Isrealites) and now my desperation for Him comes occasionally. I do not know how to get the feeling back unless things are really bad. I am so satisfied that I do not “need” him like I used to. Sad – sad because He is SO AMAZING – better than any drug, and fine chocolate, any…thing.


    I want Him back, like I used to have Him, but like Paul said about marriage – our interests will be divided once we get married. Wow – was he ever right.

    You have given a HUGE point to ponder and I am going to seek Him and ask Him about this.

    from Katie


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