Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrate or Grieve?

As we approach the end of 26 years spent in Alaska, I have reason to grieve many things. In this circumstance, grief is a choice on some level. A close friend who often gives me ideas worthy of reflection invited me to celebrate what we have experienced here and the people we love rather than wallow in grief over the changes to come. I took her counsel to heart and find that, so far, I am enjoying the time I have left here.  I know there will be moments of sadness and I will grieve the necessary changes of a move across a continent, but I choose to do that when the moments come, not anticipating their arrival and nursing their emotions into moments that don't deserve them.

It seems to me God encourages us to live in the moment, in the day we have rather than in the future. We are told each day has enough trouble of its own, so worry focused on what might happen tomorrow is a waste.

I'm also reminded that every good gift (including people) is from God. Choosing to enjoy those gifts as long as I have access to them is a delightful way to live these fleeting days.


  1. Very true Linda. As Henri Nouwen says, this "cup of life" is filled with sweetness as well as well as bitterness. The joys and the sorrows. It's what makes a rich full cup. "To Life!"

  2. You have been a blessing in my life - a meeting orchestrated by our Lord! It is hard to leave, change, and enter the unknown....but we know that in the same way our Lord prepared good gifts and places to serve here, He has already provided in the places where you will go too!

  3. From Lisa in AK:

    There really is a season to all things.
    Learning the lesson of being content in the moment is the challenge; when accomplished, this helps us to... enjoy today's gifts rather than pondering the past or being anxious about the future.

  4. You wil go out with joy and be led forth with peace.


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