Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living the Dream

I've borrowed the title and some of the content of this post from the sermon series Daniel Floyd is teaching at  (Lifepoint Church). 

I have been dusting off a dream that had been squashed under the "you can't do that!" of others. This week's sermon was about letting God's opinion of me matter more than the opinion of people. I've heard many talks about the subject and even have a few up my sleeve that I've offered to myself and others along the way. What was different this time? God spoke to my heart and called me out. He said I needed to LIVE the dream He planted in my heart rather than wait for people to approve of it. What a challenge!

What is your dream? Have you put it in a well-hidden part of your heart and left it there hoping one day it would be fulfilled in an instant? Have you dismissed it as too grand or too risky? Have you hoped God would come up with a different dream, one that is easier to do or achieve?

The world around you needs the dream God put in your heart - that God-sized, I-can-only-do-it-If-God-makes-a-way dream. What good and worthy things will happen if you go for it? What might be lost if you don't?


  1. Linda, GO FOR IT! Take at least a baby step soon and let me know what you've done. You've gotta step out onto the water before He makes it firm. :-)

  2. What if you only know parts of the dream and nothing in your current life is anywhere close to that dream? How do you go for it when everything is so far away?

    1. I hear you both, Rebecca and Andrea. You speak things I need to hear. I don't know the answers, just the One who holds them.


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