Monday, January 25, 2010

Believing God

I'm currently teaching the Beth Moore study, Believing God, for the second time and am challenged in a fresh way to do more than believe God simply exists and He's "out there somewhere".  Beth says that God's family suffers from unbelief and that God is working to get us to believe Him, to believe He acts personally and intentionally in relationship with each of us to work mighty and good deeds that bring people in touch with His goodness and kindness.

One of last week's assignments brought me face to face with a concept I thought I understood. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.  In a message by Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, California, he conveyed that we grow in faith when we hear what God intends to do in a situation and the word of Christ we hear is an active, current message of God to our hearts.  Brad Jersak in Abbotsford, BC, Canada wrote a good book (Can You Hear Me?) along similar lines.  He encourages us to tune in our hearts to God much like a radio is tuned to a signal.  His conviction (biblically based) is that God continues to speak to people today.  In our busy lives (especially in the western world) we don't stop and get quiet in order to hear or we hastily brush past the quiet voice of God in the midst of the din of our busy lives.

I am making a renewed effort to listen for God's words, to be eagerly awaiting what He says, and to act on what He tells me to do.  I choose to BELIEVE God, not just believe IN Him.


  1. Linda, that is my commitment this year as well. As you know, I am overwhelmingly a "knower" and not a see-er or hearer, but I am learning to trust and believe that God WILL speak to me in my spirit, and it's happening!


  2. Fantastic! I love watching you learn!

  3. I've just come to believe that God did not mean for us to live this Christian life groping in the dark for direction. If we are to be led by the Spirit, there must be an easy communication between us.

  4. How is it that I just now discovered your blog?! (Thanks to FB!) Reading this post, it occurs to me that if I "believe" someone, it's tangible. If I believe Pat, it's attached to something he has said or done. It's personal. If I "believe in" him, it's more attached to his character - the person I've gotten to know for the past 33 years. So it is with God.

  5. Sylvia, thanks for adding insights to this discussion. I've not thought if this that way before.


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