Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Legacy of Faith - have we started ours?

My daughter has a college assignment to look at patterns in the family tree to understand what her heritage is and what she may have to overcome.  It has been a priceless experience to listen to my parents recount generations of God-followers in their families.  I have this blessing to pass on to my kids by the faith of my parents, their parents and so on.

No matter what our past heritage, God has made all things new in His kids and we have a heritage of faith in God to pass along to our kids.  Our life choices DO impact future generations.  Every good choice is something God gets excited about and adds His blessing to.  Every bad choice is redeemed in a few generations. None of the things we're ashamed of or our parents/grandparents were ashamed of is permanent in the generations to come.  God is the ultimate OVERCOMER!  May we live believing that to be true and start or continue a heritage of believing God to future generations.

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