Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Our visit to Alaska is prompting some thoughts about what "home" is. I live and enjoy friendships in Virginia where we currently live and call our "home". I lived many years and have friendships in Alaska and it feels very much like "home" to me. I grew up in several places, but count Colorado as "home". So, where is my home? Perhaps they all are home to me.

As Jesus followers, we know that our souls are eternal and that God has a place for us to call "home" in heaven. He said before He left that he is preparing a place for me/us to live with Him forever. That will one day be my true home. In the meantime, I have homes here on earth. I've heard older people who love and follow God say, "Heaven is my home." Someone even wrote a song along those lines.

A friend of mine has had a year of great losses. She told me she has come to deeply enjoy God and longs more and more for the day when she no longer has to deal with the pain of this life and can enjoy God face to face. Her life and words challenge me to learn more about heaven so my longing for it increases.

God gave us this world to enjoy, to cultivate and tend it, to fill it and subdue it. He intends us to LIVE in it as our home. He also is preparing a place for us to live eternally with Him. We have spiritual homes in both places. Here's to LIVING where God has us today!

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  1. As a military wife it is very comforting to be reminded that my Home is always with God!!


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