Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food for Body and Soul

Eating food is necessary for health. It is also a tool for destruction when done for other reasons. I have eaten to numb emotions for much of my life. For various reasons my toolbox for dealing with sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration, fear and happiness has been empty except for the "food" tool. With years of life and consequences, both emotional and physical, I have worked to find other tools for my toolbox. That said, my default is still eating food.

This battle is constant, daily and draining. I know many struggle as I do.

My current question is: How do I set my mind on the Spirit in this. Food is so much dealing with my flesh, my body.  For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,


  1. when you figure out a good answer please let the rest of us know!!

  2. I'm not one who fasts. The few times I've done it, I've hated it and I haven't really seen the great spiritual benefit that those who like to fast talk about. But as I read your words, I wondered about the value of fasting again. I also am thinking back to those times when I've been very weak, and the question that dominated my every decision (which I have a harder time remembering, now that I'm stronger) was, "Lord, will this give me life?" I'd do well to remember that one again.

  3. Linda, I have been pondering this for some time and have some thoughts. I will share them later. I'm getting over the flu. Love you <3

  4. I've "purchased" a few more tools in my toolbox. Physical exercise, expecially the kind that actually accomplishes something, helps me work out anger or frustration. (a hard workout on the elliptical works 2nd best) Once I've de-escalated, I can then formulate how I want to address what (or whom) I'm angry with. When I feel lonely, the best antidote I've found is connecting with someone, in person if they're available, or by phone or Skype. Even a trip out in public, where I'm AROUND people, seems to help. Happiness is probably my hardest to overcome, because we are bombarded with the food-happiness message constantly, even in the church: "food, fun, & fellowship." I'm learning to break that connection by rewarding myself in other ways, besides with food. For example, I might buy some small thing I've been wanting, even a new book I've been wanting to read. It takes a lot of work to make all these new connections,but I've been working on it for 9 months.


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