Monday, September 10, 2012

Dealing with Stress

Stress in life is inevitable. Waking and sleeping, working and dreaming - the rhythms of life have and ebb and flow. Just as the waves of the ocean stress the shore, so our life's rhythms stress us.

God invites us to peace in the midst of stress. He invites us to pull up a chair and rest with Him.

Our culture values being busy and having much to do every day. As a culture, we don't think rest and relaxation are for times other than a scheduled vacation and that usually ends up having as hectic a pace as our daily lives!

Rest is something God did after creating the world. (Genesis 2:2-4) If He rested, we can! He invites us to rest even in the midst of life's stresses and rapid pace. When we are able to adjust life to allow for rest, we must! When we cannot control the pace or stress of life, we have an oasis in God to BE in.

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