Sunday, November 7, 2010

Following The LEADER

My life is in the vortex of significant changes. Such things have happened before, yet I find myself coping with this season in a more peaceful way. For the sake of my friends who struggle to rest in a mess, here are a few tips from the journey I've been on.

1. Expect that God is in control AND that His character (love, goodness, kindness, justice, mercy, compassion, grace, patience) is influencing the direction of what is happening.
2. Through that lens, keep a conversation going with God expressing all of your feelings, hopes, longings and fears.  Identify them so you are aware of what's going on in your heart.
3. When new twists on circumstances come your way, first engage with God on them. Ask what He intends in it.
4. Check your heart for pride. Get humble before God. You'll end up there eventually, it's far better to do so voluntarily.
5. REST in the day at hand. Worry won't affect outcomes and will only rob you of the good things in the day you have.

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