Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am at a crossroads of sorts. The life I've known for 26 years in Alaska is giving way to a new chapter of life in Florida. It's quite impossible to comprehend what awaits me in that new place. Beyond the obvious change in climate, there will be changes in wildlife, friendship, lifestyle, and church. I'm told I'll be watching out for alligators instead of moose!  There are bugs and snakes where I'm headed and many other things I have no experiential knowledge of. I can read about what awaits me and learn information, but none of that will give me experiential knowledge of Florida. They'll only give me head knowledge.

We've begun the season of anticipation (advent) the church observes each year.  We look back at the coming of God's Son to us in a poverty-stricken, God-blessed family and we look ahead to the return of Jesus in all the glory and power we're told of in the Bible. Trying to comprehend heaven and life after His return is quite impossible. When we read about heaven and our future with God in the Bible we get head knowledge, yet until we experience it, we'll not KNOW it.  We can hope for and be excited for it...we can ANTICIPATE that life.

Life on this side of heaven is good practice for what awaits us there. I'll still need to rely completely on God no matter where I am.  Life, now and in eternity, is a great adventure! I wonder what's REALLY around the corner.....


  1. Good stuff to ponder, but one thing's for certain. You & Ron will be missed dearly!

  2. Wonderful, Linda! Your faith and trust leads to this wonderful anticipation and I eagerly await the rest of your blogs!

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  4. Really good insight, Linda! Love you and miss you already! Terri


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